Living all around India, I have been exposed to multiple languages and dialects. A visit back to hometown, involved long train journey across varied physical and linguistic landscape. The biodigram captures on of these journey. The overlapping of text captures the names of the town that pass by as the trains chugs through them. This diagram has been featured in the Graphic Design: The New Basics book by our directors Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Philips. Special thanks to them for the honour. 
Blast from the past: I have always been intrigued by train journeys. Another book project 6 years back, allowed me to express my long relationship with railways in India. Since my father works in the Indian railways, I have spent a lot of time around trains, stations and other related spaces. In the book, I have illustrated all the unique and typical characters one is bound to encounter on their journey aboard an Indian train. Classroom Project, Spring 2010
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